Our Future


We encourage you to share your hopes for the future and your goals to help change the Price School – and the world – for the better.

Our Goals

Goal: Learning

I want to help to further embrace and learn from diverse underrepresented communities at the Price School.
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Goals: Dignity

In the world, I want to help accomplish a society - starting from a small-scaled entity (e.g. own personal/social networks, neighborhood) to a larger/broader one - where everyone's dignity is rightfully and righteously considered.
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Goals: Affiliation

I want to help accomplish affiliation at the Price School. Price is not only an academic or professional school for me, but also a big affiliate family. Although I have had many Chinese friends at Price so far, I do not have any friends from domestic US or other International regions. Some of my Chinese friends make a joke that it seems like we still study and live in China. Our Chinese circle is not closed, actually we just do not know how to open it to friends from other countries.
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Goals: Understanding and Communication

I want to help accomplish understanding and communication in the world. There might be differences or even divides between us, but I am sure there should not be superiority or inferiority. Do not judge before you make effort to know more about one country or culture. Understanding and communication will be a good bridge among different cultures, which will bring us peace, respect and friendship.
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Goals: Positive Footprint

I want to leave a positive footprint at Sol Price through my contributions, whether it be through writing, volunteer hours, or simply by learning, and taking what I have learned from USC, and implementing positive change in our world.
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Goals: Service and Opportunities

I have and want to continue to provide assistance for all who want to persevere and succeed, especially those who have an extreme amount of obstacles to overcome via education, social work, training, justice, equity, and employment.
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