Story: Lack of Support

When I came to USC in 2004, I was attracted to the program because I hoped to investigate the intersections of business, philanthropy, nonprofits and community empowerment (especially vis a vis LGBT communities of color and other marginalized peoples). I was assigned a faculty advisor who made it clear that this person had no regard for my interests despite my deep background in [the field]. This person did not want to be my advisor and could offer no path to become involved in this person’s work. (I later discovered that this person had graduate student assistants who all happened to be straight and white).

I was assigned to a new faculty advisor who turned out to quite wonderful, but my original interests were never addressed or advanced. While there was no overt bias, we as members of marginalized communities know when insidious prejudice conscious or not comes into play. Diversity was not embraced esp. at a time when the devastation of HIV and other issues affecting LGBT people of color was increasingly apparent. While I appreciate the quality of education at Price, it could have been so much more.