Our Stories


USC Price students, faculty, alumni and staff are invited to contribute their stories – past and present, good and bad, inside or outside of Price – with the intent of advancing dialogue, understanding and learning within the Price community.

Our Stories

Conversation Series Update – May 2017

Our Moving Forward conversation on April 18 initially focused on particular courses and how the professors handled differences in meaningful ways. The discussion led with the question, “Are the professors and other members of the class prepared to deal with a ‘non-traditional’ student?” Read More »

April 2017 – Story #1

I’m a Price master's student who authored a guest column in the Long Beach Press-Telegram about the importance of peaceful resistance against discriminatory treatment by authorities and exercising of civil rights, no matter what your legal status currently is. I want to share my story with the Price community to bring awareness to the undocumented student movement and how you can be an ally in this pivotal time of need. Read More »

April 2017 – Story #2

PPD-300: Social Justice Issues in Public Policy and Urban Planning has been the most formative class I have taken as a Price student. After working in various social justice spaces, I was more than excited to learn that this class was newly required for Price majors. In this class, I have learned that as someone who has found her voice, it is my turn to let others find theirs. Read More »

April 2017 – Story #3

When I came to USC in 2004, I was attracted to the program because I hoped to investigate the intersections of business, philanthropy, nonprofits and community empowerment (especially vis a vis LGBT communities of color and other marginalized peoples). I was assigned a faculty advisor who made it clear that this person had no regard for my interests despite my deep background in [the field]. Read More »

March 2017 – Story #1

Fast forward from a conversation about choosing between two competing MPP programs: When learning that I had been offered a full-ride tuition and a large stipend from a competing MPP program, a student claimed that they were not offered any money from this program because they were white and did not qualify for diversity scholarships. I corrected this student by informing them that my scholarship from this school was a merit scholarship... Read More »

March 2017 – Story #2

Our School and schools like it, emphasize skills that are needed to do well in statistics and economics courses, in courses that are based in theoretical structures and applying them in a fairly schematic way. Yet there are other skills in policy, planning, and development practice... Read More »

March 2017 – Story #3

When I first started interacting with this one particular group of people, I had very some interesting interactions. I had one of them ask me where I was from - fairly common question for someone like me (brown)... Read More »

March 2017 – Story #4

From pre-school through midway of second grade, my parents and I lived in Bergen County, NJ in a town called Dumont. On the surface – in a liberal leaning state – Dumont looks very peaceful, with a small-town feel, and the very definition of American suburbia. Read More »

March 2017 – Story #5

I am Mexican-American and in today’s terminology Hispanic. I was born in the United States, California to be exact, in the white neighborhood of Redondo Beach, in 1947. Read More »

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