March 2018 – A Seat at the Table: BHM and Price’s Call to Action

As public policy students, I believe we’re called to not just learn about how to just acquire and attain positions of influence just for the sake at sitting at these tables of importance, but I believe we’re supposed to serve and make space for those who have never had a voice to participate, and that belief I know is not lost among a good deal of the people I’ve met at Price.

Goal: Justice & Reconciliation

I want to help the Price School become the number one school for social justice and racial reconciliation in the nation.

February 2018 – ‘Moving Forward’ Anniversary

Wow-the 1 year anniversary of our launch of this website. I want to thank all of you that have posted a story, poem or video, or took the time to review any of the same, or attended one of our face to face sessions. These stories, poems, and videos are all about us-our victories, our disappointments, and our opportunities to learn from one another.

February 2018 – Story: Racial slur

I was once at a small party held by some friends of mine in Baltimore, MD. The crowd was predominantly white, with little other representation. I came to the party with my friend, who is Korean-American. She was also friends with the hosts and I can confidently say that neither of us previously witnessed any explicit ethnic biases within that particular group.

February 2018 – Story: Group dynamics and conflict

No matter what I said, it was misconstrued as a personal attack, and the other felt victimized. I keep thinking of Nina Simone words, “You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served.” At some point that may be needed, but as of now, practicing compassion, honing in on my conflict resolution skills, and staying true to myself without hurting others is what I must do.

February 2018 – Poem: “A Serendipitous Encounter”

Am I just another statistic? / Am I just another statistic? /
The one who wasn’t meant to survive the hood / But the one that could, and I made it here /
Yet this still don’t seem clear / so I ask myself. / Am I just another statistic?

Goal: Learning

I want to help to further embrace and learn from diverse underrepresented communities at the Price School.

Goal: Social Justice

I want to work with others to advance social justice in coalition with corporate, philanthropic and community based interests.