November 2017 – Story #1

Perhaps before anything is addressed the concept and application of social justice, civil rights and diversity should carefully be looked at. Perhaps it is time to re-engage those ideas; as many of us are unaware of what those sentiments mean, nor how they should be applied in terms of a function state of social consciousness.

November 2017 – Story #2

I believe that social awareness is always the solution. Maybe my story will separate the jump between being married, being a Latina woman and being highly educated and ambitious. I think it starts with conversations and programs like this one to ponder the ideas we create, as society, around marriage and race and how they are so interconnected with policy at a greater scale.

September 2017 – Story #1

As an international graduate student at USC and a somewhat “third culture kid” here in the States, thankfully I haven’t really experienced negative encounters here at Price. I do appreciate the school’s continuing efforts to bring up conversations about justice, diversity, and inclusiveness. One thing that I would hope would/could be addressed in future Moving Forward series as we “move forward” with this wonderful initiative, is related issues that occur in academia and in advisor/faculty-student relationships.

September 2017 – Story #3

With all of the racial tension and issues facing immigrants and minorities in our country recently, I believe it may also be necessary to address minority on minority relations as well. Bringing this matter to the attention of others is not intended to increase tensions or discrimination within any racial groups, but rather enlighten those who subconsciously treat others the way they don’t want to be treated.

September 2017 – Story #4

When I was a volunteer Chinese teacher in Cebu, Philippines, I was shocked by the fact that misunderstanding could become such a huge barrier between cultural communications.

Conversation Series Update – May 2017

Our Moving Forward conversation on April 18 initially focused on particular courses and how the professors handled differences in meaningful ways. The discussion led with the question, “Are the professors and other members of the class prepared to deal with a ‘non-traditional’ student?”

April 2017 – Story #1

I’m a Price master’s student who authored a guest column in the Long Beach Press-Telegram about the importance of peaceful resistance against discriminatory treatment by authorities and exercising of civil rights, no matter what your legal status currently is. I want to share my story with the Price community to bring awareness to the undocumented student movement and how you can be an ally in this pivotal time of need.