April 2018 – Poem

intersection is where / the spine meets / each rib cage
and the weight / of the world is / tempered with
lived experience / densified by / lands of origin

April 2018 – Story: Instances of a colleague’s racial stereotypes

In both awful instances, I was stunned. Stunned by the fact that these were “core peers” who have similar tenure. Yes, I was offended by what I found to be racist stereotypes of “You are Hispanic, therefore you are Mexican and most know how to cook tamales” and “You are Hispanic therefore you must enjoy rice and beans.” Oddly, what upset me the most was that I had spent four years with these folks and they had not taken the time to know that I am not Mexican and where I am from, we are full of culture, color, joy and a cuisine that expands pass rice and beans. It reminded me that the battle continues and I can never get comfortable. Also, it reminded me that you cannot learn anything when your mouth is moving and often you have to take time to listen.

Story: Mixed Heritage

Throughout my time at USC, I’ve experienced a lot of insensitive or outright offensive circumstances as someone of mixed racial and ethnic heritage. I’ve received glares for walking with a partner of another race in different neighborhoods. But I think the most hurtful and lasting incidents are those from friends or classmates.

Story: From policy debate to personal insults

Our argument ended and we went our separate ways. I saw him around campus from time to time after that incident, but we never spoke again. I continued advocating No On Prop 54 and was thrilled when the residents of California voted against it. And as I continued pursuing my education, I made a commitment to do everything in my power to ensure that children who come from my community and communities like mine have access to the resources they need to thrive so they are never question about whether or not they belong.

A Seat at the Table: BHM and Price’s Call to Action

As public policy students, I believe we’re called to not just learn about how to just acquire and attain positions of influence just for the sake at sitting at these tables of importance, but I believe we’re supposed to serve and make space for those who have never had a voice to participate, and that belief I know is not lost among a good deal of the people I’ve met at Price.

Goal: Justice & Reconciliation

I want to help the Price School become the number one school for social justice and racial reconciliation in the nation.

‘Moving Forward’ Anniversary

Wow-the 1 year anniversary of our launch of this website. I want to thank all of you that have posted a story, poem or video, or took the time to review any of the same, or attended one of our face to face sessions. These stories, poems, and videos are all about us-our victories, our disappointments, and our opportunities to learn from one another.

Story: Racial slur

I was once at a small party held by some friends of mine in Baltimore, MD. The crowd was predominantly white, with little other representation. I came to the party with my friend, who is Korean-American. She was also friends with the hosts and I can confidently say that neither of us previously witnessed any explicit ethnic biases within that particular group.